Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse?

             Zombies and zombie apocalypse are frequent terms one will hear on various gun and survival forums and many firearm and ammo manufacturers have jumped on the zombie bandwagon and put out zombie themed gear and guns. Gun magazines have articles on how to survive the zombie Apocalypse and put out lists of top zombie killing weapons.Even the Federal Government/The CDC has gotten in on it publishing their own Zombie survival guide Preparedness 101 Zombie Apocalypse.

             Most survivalist and gun enthusiasts are not talking literally about undead animated corpses when they use the term zombie, but rather as a figurative term for violent criminals and/or those involved civil unrest, looting, mass rioting etc. i.e. situations where gang/mob mentality takes over and those involved lose their personal and individual moral and behavioral perspective and general sense of right and wrong. The term could also be applied to any out of control, oppressive and imposing military and police units and personnel possibly under direction or not of an imperial government, dictatorship or during transient or sustained  martial law. Actual literal zombies remain in the world of fiction, in various horror movies and tv shows such as AMC's The walking dead although the bath salt "zombies"  come pretty close to those fictional zombies.
              I love the whole zombie genre and the walking dead is currently one of favorite shows. I love the month of October in general with the cool, crisp fall weather, leaves changing and the coming of Halloween which brings with the fun of taking the kids trick-or-treating and non-stop zombie actions movies and this years new season of the walking dead.
             So, literal zombie's are currently the realm of mere fiction, but did you know that Zombies as do most of the supernatural subject matter of horror movies such as Werewolves/Lycans,Vampires and Ghosts, Demonic Possessions, Poltergeists etc. have Biblical roots or a basis in Christianity and that the Bible actually prophesies what is essentially the "Zombie Apocalypse"?  If you turn to Zechariah chapter 14 verse 12 , you will read the following verse.....
     "And the Lord will send a plague on all people who fought Jerusalem. They will become like walking corpses, their flesh rotting away ; their eyes will shrivel in their sockets , and their tongues will decay in their mouths.They will be seized with terror, panic-stricken from the Lord, and will fight against each other in hand-to-hand combat."  

           Sure sounds a lot like a zombie apocalypse/the walking dead to me.It's not just Zombies that have Biblical roots, but Halloween itself which though often shunned by Christians, actually is a holiday which has it's roots in Christianity, especially many of those specific traditions and activities to which they take exception.

      People can make up their own minds about the reality and definition of a coming Zombie Apocalypse or what actually constitutes being defined a zombie and whether Halloween is the work of Satan or just kids having fun dressing up in silly costumes wanting to get as much candy as possible, but perspective and intent should really be the issue and one should be educated before making their decisions. I'll personally keep enjoying all the great zombie themed films and shows as well as finding it prudent and recommending to others continuing to keep a well stocked stash of arms, ammo and supplies for the "zombie apocalypse" irregardless of what type if "zombies" or "apocalypse" that could be encountered and that the future may have in store for us looming on the horizon.