Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Glock 26 : Most Versatile glock.

Many consider the Glock 19 to be the most versatile and well rounded model that Glock makes, but I disagree and would give the title of most versatile Glock to the G26. I feel the Glock 19 is the ultimate compromise with it's reduced size not offering the shooting comfort, efficency and ergonomics as the 17 while still being to big to offer much in concealment options as does the G26. Also, the finger grooves on the 19 are just spaced wrong with too little room on the top one under the trigger guard and it's hard for many men to get a full grip without pinkie sliding off.
           The Glock 26 on the other while having a shortened grip and lacking room for the pinkie at all, the spacing of the two finger grooves are full size just like the G17's and the good thing is that there are many option available if one wants a full grip or you can leave it stock for maximum concealability and CCW options such as ankle or pocket carry where the G19 is just way too big.The G26 will also accept the G19,G17 and 33 round G18 magazines and function perfectly fine although they will extend past the grip frame of course.
          If you want more grip,you can get all your fingers on, Pearce Grip makes a variety of finger extensions which add just length or length and rounds.There is also magazine grip adaptors like X-Grip which fit over a G19 or G17 mag giving you a full size grip, but my personal favorite is the Glock + which gives your pinkie a home(without the pinching of some extensions) as well as adding a couple more rounds. Some say extensions are pointless since they make the grip as long as a G19's, but that simply isn't the case.Most of the length added is at the front of the grip(but still isn't as long as a G19's) while length to the backstrap is minimal.The backstrap is the part of the grip most likely to print during CCW and the G19's backstrap is still significantly longer than the G26 even with extensions. And if need maximum concealment,pocket carry or ankle carry.....just use a standard G26 mag.
           A shorter barrel reduces velocity, but due to the Glocks particular hexagonal rifling, lost velocity isn't bad all and actually very minimal.
         The shortened muzzle of the G26 will make carrying, drawing and accessing the weapon from concealment that much easier as well as making gun grabs/disarms harder and weapon retention easier and while the shorten grip does give you less of a solid, firm controlled grip during draw and shooting(especially dynamic/moving fire), it is indeed a trade-off although the G26 is a remarkably accurate, controllable and capable firearm on it's own in any circumstance.
      And why the G26 in 9mm specifically? Well, we are talking versatility and 9mm is an affordable round that is effective and that just about anyone can control and shoot well.Plus, it the most popular defense caliber in the world by far, so getting restocked anywhere won't likely be a problem. If you are going to get only one gun, I think the Glock 26 is very good and very versatile choice.