Wednesday, November 7, 2012


            "Reality-Based" Martial Arts are everywhere nowadays.Mixed Martial Arts can be seen on one channel or another at just about anytime when you flip through the dial. "Prepping" for a catastrophic collapse of society and civilization in one form or another is gaining popularity as witnessed by NatGeos's Doomsday preppers program and other similar shows.
             But, how does all of these different pursuits actually reflect reality and how likely is it for are these various circumstances being prepared for to actually happen?
        There are many self-defense instructors out there whose methods are rooted in practical reality, but many others who simply are not.If an SD instructor does not address weapons such as firearms,bladed and impact weapons in offensive and defensive use, then that individual is not facing reality. On the other hand, if no empty hand skills are taught and especially if at the very least transition to a weapon are taught,then be skeptical.
            Integrated skills are mandatory and even if carrying a weapon of some type, you'll likely need some type of empty hand skills to gain access and draw that weapon in the event of an attack which will be a fast and furious surprise ambush in all likelihood.
         Many high profile gun schools focus in on mock military and para-military training which has very little to do with civilian self-defense.Most are run by ex-Military personnel and have you fork over a boat load of cash to run around in the desert with an AR or AK as if such skills are applicable to everyday life or that you must be prepared as if the Apocalypse and/or Armageddon is right around the corner.

         These guys remind me a lot of the doomsday preppers,when if you actually look at most of their plans and scenarios they envision and are preparing for are such an extreme unlikely occurrence that it is laughable all the while totally ignoring what is probable to occur and therefore should take priority and the lion's share of the training. I think most of these people simply like the hobby or just like playing Soldier or living out fantasy roles. Perhaps they are are just obsessed and/or paranoid.If they truly believed that such mass destruction and chaos was likely to happen anytime,then they would take further steps than most have from what I've seen.Their plans simply aren't logical, reasonable and/or practical. Half of them are obese which makes me question the true sincerity of their belief and proclamations that some sort of doomsday is right around the corner since at the very least, you would want to get in decent physical shape as that is a quality that would be invaluable in a some post-apocalyptic world.

                         MMA/UFC fighting is everywhere and many seem to think that this type of training and fighting is applicable to real-world self-defense. Although there is some overlap and some things to be learned and gained that you can add to your personal defense arsenal fro MMA, I'm sorry to say that overall, it just doesn't apply much to real-world defense.
 Multiple opponents, weapons, environment all come into play and MMA is a sport with many rules that simply doesn't address these things. Most MMA training involves a lot ground grappling which is the worst place to be on the street.If anything, simply learn how to get off the ground and avoid going there in the first place.


                  Our society as a whole seems to be getting desensitized to violence and gaining a blood-thirst that can only be quenched by ever increasing graphic and horrific entertainment.Our sports and video games reflect this trend and what that means is that your chances of being the victim of a violent crime will only keep increasing. Even many of my towns local Preachers and Pastors say that Mixed Martial Arts is their favorite sport to watch and I find that very unsettling at the least coming from a so-called Man of Christ. While I don't agree with all he said in this video, my Childhood Karate mentor Vito Rallo hits the nail on the head in regards to MMA.

                 The re-election of Barack Obama and people's indifference and acceptance and/or desire for ever greater and greater Government dependence, influence, intervention and control give me pause and concern as history shows us that the path we are currently on mimics that which brought down every other past great nation and empire. On second thought, perhaps those doomsday preppers, mock military gun schools and Armageddon Apocalyptics aren't entirely quite so crazy after all, at least in motive and intent even if most in my opinion are indeed misguided and simply off track in the method and scenarios that they are devoting the majority of their preparing and training and need to address more immediate and probable possibilities. In terms of getting ready for long term and widespread "doomsday" scenario's....what's the right path to chose and what to do to prepare if anything? No one really knows what's to come and no one can say for sure, so it's a matter of personal judgement which should be guided by logic and reason although don't rule out and/or ignore your intuition and gut instinct. The choice is yours, so choose wisely.