Friday, December 7, 2012

Gun Control Is Killing Us- David Kenik


               The Virginia Tech shootings that occurred not long ago demonstrated a tragedy that runs far deeper than the obvious.The shootings are but one symptom of what is wrong with the mind-set and thought processes of all too many people. The second tragedy that day was that there was no one shooting back. Any potential heroes were disarmed by the school's "no guns" policy. Ironically,  just last year the Virginia General Assembly failed to pass a bill that would have enabled the carry of guns on campus. School officials hailed the decision by proclaiming that the students and faculty "can feel safe" knowing that there are no guns on campus.
            The reality is that there are guns on campus---guns in the hands of criminals. That is the problem with "gun -free zones" : They make the uninformed feel better when, in fact, they create victim-disarmament zones, or what I call "criminal empowerment zones."
               Just as a burglar will pick a home without a noisy dog, someone bent on human destruction will choose a location where their heinous crimes can be carried out unfettered by the return gunfire of potential victims. That's why shooting rampages don't take place at police stations or gun ranges. Israel solved the problem of school attacks by arming teachers. Hijackings of Israel's EL AL airliners ceased when armed marshals where placed on every flight.
             The most astonishing tragedy at Virginia Tech was the lack of survival mindset of the victims. Forensic evidence shows that many victims had wounds consistent with attempts to shield themselves, but there were no defensive wounds on the shooter. That tells us that the victims did not fight back and allowed themselves to be executed. The absence of a survival mindset is testament to the success of a liberal society's campaign to train us to not think for ourselves, not to act for ourselves and to rely on others for our safety and well being.
                   The Virginia Tech tragedy was one of several in recent years that illustrate liberal ideology at its worst. In many cases the consequences of not shooting back was death.-David Kenik

        This synopsis appeared in David Keniks "Heroic Consequences: article which was featured in the Guns & Ammos 2008 Book of Personal Defense. Mr.Keniks website is....